About Us

We uncover facts in an unbiased way

We are a private investigation company that specializes in video surveillance on insurance fraud cases. In other words, the largest insurers in the country hire us to conduct background checks and surveillance on people who are collecting benefits for injuries sustained at work or in accidents. Every year, we help our clients save millions of dollars, and with availability in all 50 states, we are known to be one of the top performers in a very niche industry. We hire many young graduates and veterans but welcome all sorts of profiles, as long as you know how to keep it very, very low.

Working as a PI

For the stealthy independent thinkers of this world

Working independently means you’ll never have someone looking over your shoulder. But making many of your own decisions also requires having twice the determination and patience. Your day consists in tailing people and obtaining videos of them when they are doing their daily activities. It’s a great formative experience for those who intend to work in criminal justice or law enforcement. If you love sitting by yourself and know how to quickly assess a situation, we can train you to become one of the best. Remember one thing: when you are pushed to your limits, accomplishments feel twice as good.

Join the Team

Why join us

Not your typical PI company

We are successful and reputable in the industry because we only hire high-caliber people and help them reach the upper echelons in the surveillance industry. With us, you will get to work on your own and go all over the country. Benefiting from freedom and flexibility doesn’t mean that we don’t have your back.

We invest in our team members, their future, and their safety with rigorous training and the best equipment available. At PhotoFax, you’ll be given everything you need – from clear instructions to your own vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art gear – but you will never be micromanaged.


Perks & Benefits

When you join PhotoFax, you join a culture of support.

Our benefits are an important part of offering that support and stability.

We take care of our team members.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Competitive Compensation

  • Unique Bonus Plan

    Unique Bonus Plan

  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

  • 401k Matching Pension Plan

    401k Matching Pension Plan

  • Reimbursed Expenses

    Reimbursed Expenses

  • State of the Art Equipment

    State of the Art Equipment

  • Company Vehicle Provided

    Company Vehicle Provided

  • Paid Training

    Paid Training